06 Nov 2019

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

A large consideration when it comes to implementing the next level of marketing for your business is whether to place ads on Google, Facebook or possibly both? The easiest way to solve this question is to first dissect how each platform operates as far as finding the people who see your ad. Google and Facebook are similar in the fact that they allow you to tell the ‘machine’ what you want to be found for. This machine then takes the data you have provided and does its best job to display your offer to would be customers that are browsing the internet or Facebook.

If you are looking to help out customer or clients that need your service at the drop of a dime, Google may be a great option as one its prominent features is to allow customers to quickly get in touch with you, typically all this takes is one or two clicks. Businesses that would serve as examples would be locksmiths, plumbers and mechanics. The nature of these businesses can be seen as less personal, then, lets say a hair stylist or a dentist office. Google does not have a great way of showcasing the personality or uniqueness of a business. Although there are places to describe what your business does, the space is very limited. If you compare an ad on Google to an ad on Facebook, you will notice that Facebook is much more colorful and personable when it comes to connecting potential customers with ads. If the end product or service is more important to the customer than the medium used for delivering this product or service, the recommendation would be to start with a Google ad campaign first, as there will be little information you need to know about your potential customers.

Facebook ads are typically much more personalized, since they appear on a network that is all about socializing and engaging with your peers. A Facebook business campaign manager should be able to put themselves in their desired client’s shoes in order to understand what they are interested in. A critical portion of developing a Facebook campaign is to ensure that you are projecting your ads to people who are interested in what you are offering. This may seem very straight forward, but there are literally thousands of buttons and switches available when it comes to developing an audience for your ads. At Digital Best Practice LLC, we are experts at creating a perfectly segmented audience for your product or business. Keep in mind this development typically takes 3 months minimum until you will be ready to successfully develop a lead stream that will be profitable for you. After that 3 month period, the goal should be to refine your efforts in order to secure higher returns on your ad spend. Multiple ad goals (likes, engagement, post views) may be implemented in the early stages in order to test the market and begin development on your ‘perfect’ audience. If you are interested in implementing a PPC ad campaign, talk to the experts today and Digital Best Practice LLC and we will get you started on the road to success.