25 Oct 2019

Why you shouldn’t be running your own ads.

When it comes to generating interest and leads for your business, there are many roads that you can go down as a business owner. In our experience as a digital marketing agency, we have noticed a tendency for business owners to bypass PPC agencies, such as Digital Best Practice llc, and run ads on their own with the notion that they are doing the right thing. Although anybody can start the process of creating a PPC campaign on Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing, there are many factors that are frequently overlooked when it comes to business owners creating ads for themselves. The ad space on Google and Facebook can be looked at as an ocean of potential customers awaiting an offer that they deem valuable.

The typical business owner that puts out an ad on their own will be casting out an extremely large net, hoping that it comes back with a lead or two. This ideology is common throughout the nation’s business owners and results in little return on the ad spend. Here at Digital Best Practice, we have talked to hundreds of owners who are running ads on their own and have learned that the amount of monitoring and management done on these campaigns is minimal. A PPC campaign that is not monitored can easily waste 60%-70% of an ad budget, which in turn takes potential customers away from seeing your ad. Through specific keyword usage, bid adjustments and targeting the most profitable areas, Digital Best Practice llc has been able to construct and manage campaigns that on average returned 30% more leads for business owners, without having to spend any more money on the monthly budget. Our vision here at Digital Best Practice llc is to ensure that close to zero ad spent is wasted for our clients. We are all about taking small steps in order to construct a lead generating system that will consistently produce business for any industry.

Whether you are in the construction industry, health & wellness, entertainment or any other variable, there are always customers waiting to find your information. If you have not yet considered running PPC ads, we highly recommend you get in touch with us here at Digital Best Practice llc. We will explore all avenues of pay per click, to determine the best platform (Facebook, Google, Instagram) for your PPC ads. A large part of our strategy is research and development, meaning there is much work to be done before your ads go live. After research is done, we will implement an ad strategy that tests the top 5-10 keywords in your industry, to assure that you are getting the most for your ad spend. Daily audits are done on your Google and Facebook ads to ensure that the right people are coming across your ads. The time spent on structuring and developing your ads would never be possible for the average business owner, so get in contact with us today at Digital Best Practice llc and explore your options.