25 Nov 2019

Google My Business toll free phone support is gone!

Google My Business toll free phone support IS GONE!!!!


When trying to call Google my business for some guidance and help you would normally get a live person that would answer questions and direct you down the path of least resistance i.e. following Googles Best Practices…NOW Google has decided to end this feature. They believe this will help in navigating issues like how your business shows up in Google search, suspended accounts, and merging accounts!



Update: Discontinuing toll free numbers November 11, 2019

We’ve removed toll free customer support numbers from theGoogle My Business homepage. If you call one of the existing numbers, you’ll be directed to the Google My Business Help Center for a more personalized and efficient help experience.You’ll still be able to request a toll free call from a support specialist under the “Contact Us” options in the Google My Business Help Center.


We have called the numbers associated with GMB and a message tells you to go to GMB help center, they also list a short URL, and then a prompt goodbye and they hang up on you…

After some digging, we found a number 1(877)-243-4195. We dialed this number to claim a business listing we are having difficulty claiming and according to the Google rep the new paid service would cost $360.00 to claim the business. Since the owner of the business doesn’t have his login credentials, we have to go down the Google rabbit hole!

Now we did find a form for requesting a call back from a google my business help center just click this form. We filled the form out and will see where this leads us! This is huge news not just for marketers, but for all GMB Google users! The phone number was a huge help towards fixing business issues. Look forward to response times to slow since someone at Google will not be reachable. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES CALL US IMMEDIATELY AND UNLIKE GOOGLE WE WILL PICK UP (909) 304-1745 or email us